About us

We are a Romanian company, specialized in the production of butters from fresh nuts and seeds.

Our nut and seed butters are suitable for people who have a lifestyle based on a vegan and/or vegetarian diet, for those who prefer BIO products, or for those who want a healthy lifestyle.
We use only the best natural ingredients, from verified sources, to offer you quality products.
We directly purchase the raw material and transform it into butter, by slowly grinding the nuts and seeds, using our own stone mills. Thus, our customers benefit from fresh, 100% natural products without additives or preservatives and with a low impact on the environment. We have been in business for 5 years and you can find us and reviews of our products on our Facebook page, Instagram and recently TikTok.

For re-sellers or shops we have offers that adapt to the needs of you and your customers. We can offer you jars and 3kg buckets in variable quantities, whenever you need and delivered on time.

Contact us and we can discuss the offer that suits you!

Phone: 0799 034 310
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