Butter Pecan - Organic

Butter Pecan - Organic

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Just a wonderful wonderful butter.

You have probably already realized, we are the biggest fans when it comes to nuts of all kinds, because of this we couldn't help but add pecan butter to our portfolio of goodies. About this nut our American cousins are NOT wrong. They are right to be cray about it.

The second most beloved nut in the United States made its way very easily into Papamigdal's heart, being in our opinion an upgraded sweeter and more luxurious version of Walnut butter. If you like nuts, this butter will blow your mind. Sweeter and smoother, with a slightly exotic flavor and an aftertaste appreciated by even the most critical of critics, pecan butter is clearly in the top 3 favorite Papamigdal butters.

When we are asked what it tastes like, because it is not as well known in Europe, we say: "imagine baked walnuts covered with a little dark honey or maple syrup" And if you try it, you will agree and it will definitely be on your "must have" list.

(There's a reason why when we occasionally mess up an order or make a delivery mistake, we often apologize to the customer with a free pecan butter)

What does Butter Pecan boast?
  • 100% ripe pecan, organic.
  • Produced by slow stone mill grinding.
  • No preservatives, added salt, sugar or palm oil
  • Does not contain gluten or dairy


EU_organic_farming EN-ECO-009

Nutritional declaration for:


Energetic value:

2990 kj


726 Kcal


71.3 g

(including saturated):
6.23 g


14.41 g

(of which sugars):
4.9 g


11 g


10.6 g


0.1 mg


It is not intended for people allergic to nuts.

The validity period is 6 months.


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